Reine Mère

27 Boulevard de Genève
31200 Toulouse

05 31 61 60 40
07 77 97 22 72

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Reine Mère


Reine Mère encourages local production in order to propose ethical creations which respect both the Man and the Environment. Which is why we are engaged in social and environmental approach: a sustainable design is implemented to cover the whole life of the object, from the creation process to the end of life.

By supporting local production Reine Mère is truly engaged in a social approach. Reine Mère helps to maintain and develop local expertise and is responsible for the manufacture of its objects. The publisher is also developing partnerships with ESAT (Social business and support services through work). Reine Mère does her best to limit the environmental impact of its creations by promoting the use of natural materials in France regions: wood from sustainably managed forests of the Jura, Limoges porcelain or porcelain from the Lot, felt from 100% pure sheep wool, paper and packaging from 100% recycled material, treatments with natural oil, water-based solvent-free adhesives, and so on.
The electricity used by Reine Mère comes to 100% renewable energy.